Sacred Heart Parish Westmead


The parish of Sacred Heart, Westmead came into being on February 1, 1951, when Rev James Collins was appointed parish priest.

From the outset, Mass was celebrated in Westmead Boys' Home until a church was built and opened on March 28, 1954.

The need for a parish was largely due to a large Housing Project which had begun immediately after World War II.

The parish purchased a house adjacent in 1956. In 1975 the permanent school was built and opened with the help of a Government Grant. The basement of the church was also used for classrooms.

Rev Leo Mahon followed Rev Collins in 1963 as the second parish priest.

In 1964, the plans for building regional secondary boys and girls' schools in Westmead were commenced, as well as the building of a monastery for the Marist Brothers in 1966. The Mercy Nuns came from Parramatta each day to staff Catherine McAuley College. The Brothers conduct Marist High.

In 1999 the primary school was extended and improved by the Catholic Education Office, increasing the enrolment of the school to over 200 students.

In recent years, a large part of parish pastoral work has been the care of patients in Westmead General and Westmead Children's Hospitals. Also included is care of patients in Westmead Private Hospital, Cabrini Nursing Home, Mayflower Nursing Home and Westmead Rehabilitation Centre.

In December 2002, the care of both the parish and the hospitals was transferred to the Camillians (Ministers of the Infirm). 
 In January 2015, the Camillians, after dialogue and consideration with the Provincial and Diocese of Parramatta, handed back the administration of Sacred Heart Parish Westmead to the Diocese.  After a short period under the care of a Parish Administrator a new Parish Priest, Fr Walter Fogarty a member of the Diocese, was appointed in April 2015.

PARISH PRIESTS & Administrators

Rev James Collins 1951 - 1963

Rev Leo Mahon 1963 - 1974

Rev Ian Abbott 1974 - 1977

Rev Peter Harrington 1977 - 1985

Rev John Boyle 1985 - 1991

Rev Dominic Arcamone 1991 - 1996

Rev Peter Lamont 1996 - 1998

Rev David Maguire (Administrator)

Rev Brian Rooney 1999 - 2002

Rev Efren Balistoy 2002 - 2003

Rev Giulio Ghezzi MI 2003 - 2007

Rev Jose Eloja MI 2013 - 2014

Rev Diosdado Haber MI 2007 - 2013/ Sept 2014 - January 2015

Rev Robert Anderson (Administrator February - April 2015)

Rev Walter Fogarty April 2015 and continuing


The Parish Team
Parish Priest Hospital Chaplain Children's Hospital Chaplain
Fr. Jose P. Eloja, MI Fr. Marcello Pamintuan, MI Fr. Giulio Ghezzi, MI
Nepean Hospital Chaplain Cumberland & Mt Druitt Hospital Chaplain Hospital Chaplain
Fr. Remegio Jamorabon, MI Fr. Diosdado Haber, MI Fr. Domingo Barawid, MI
Parish Secretary Head, Sacramental Team
Yvette Takchi Mary Harb

Fr. Walter Fogarty PP
Parish Priest
Virginia Knight
Parish Admin