Sacred Heart Parish Westmead

Junior Altar Servers

Junior Altar Server Training 2020
a downloadable form is available from Parish Form tab

Serving at the altar during Mass is a great privilege & one not to be taken lightly. In asking to become a Junior Altar Server you are indicating that you are prepared to attend the training session & to go onto the Roster for Altar Servers. Before making this request you need to discuss your choice with your parents & get their permission.

Training: tba 2020 

Please complete this form & return to the Parish Office or via

Name:                                                                                                       Age:

School:                                                                                                      Class:

I ask to be considered to be a Junior Altar Server & have discussed this with my parents/guardians. I understand I need to attend the training session with one of my parents or guardians. I commit to being part of the Parish Altar Serving Roster.


Parent’s/Guardian’s name:


Parent contact details: tel:                                                               e-mail:

I agree to my child becoming a Junior Altar Server. I understand I need to accompany them to the training session. Also, I agree to ensure they honour their commitments to the Parish Altar Serving Roster & if they are unable to attend to find a suitable substitute.